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Chelsea & Peter | Downtown Bethlehem

Chelsea & Peter It’s Christmas time in Bethlehem. It is not only where these two awesome people call home, it is also one of their favorite places to hang out and be together. When a couple have this much fun together, you know it’s going to be a good time. We talked about so many things during their shoot and when ‘Sugar Smacks’ cereal is a topic, you know we cover a lot of ground! Here are a few of […]

Rebecca & Brandon | Lockridge Park Engagement

Rebecca & Brandon To say that I was excited to shoot this engagement session would be putting it lightly. It is the absolute best when couples ‘bring it!’ These two brought it. Sass, lightsaber, magic wand and so much personality! Star Wars was a favorite for me growing up and still today (Please be AWESOME Episode 9!) but I am a Harry Potter novice so I had to do a little research but mostly Rebecca filled me in on the […]

Sarah & Eric | Longwood Gardens Engagement

Sarah & Eric I was excited that Sarah & Eric chose Longwood for their engagement photos. No matter how many times you go there it is always full of beauty and inspiration. It was the perfect place for these two people. It is always a great opportunity to get to know my clients a little more too. Especially when we can talk about Eagles football! The ‘Philly Special’ socks (the single greatest play in Eagles history) that Eric wore certainly […]

Amanda & Luke | Stone Lake Inn Engagement

Amanda & Luke After trying for several months to coordinate schedules, I was finally able to get together with Amanda & Luke for some engagement photos…less than a month before the wedding. It is really a great thing that we persevered to make this happen. No, these photos will not be used for Save-the-Dates but they will forever be a tremendous way for these two to reflect on a wonderful and exciting time in their lives…and those awesome boots Grandma […]

Lauren & Dakota | Grim’s Orchard Engagement

Lauren & Dakota Lauren & Dakota met me at Grim’s to take advantage of their sunflower field. Lauren loves sunflowers…like really loves them. We had less than an hour to try to make as many photos as we could incorporating her favorite helianthus (the botanical family sunflowers belong to, yes do look it up!) We can thank Lauren for finding what turned out to be THE BEST spot in the grove and the rest is history. After giving these cheery […]

Anna & Rob | Trexler Nature Preserve

Anna & Rob What do you want to do for your engagement session? Go fishing? Let’s go! Rob is an avid outdoors man who loves to fish and Anna just loves to be with Rob so that took us down to the creek on a beautiful sun shiny day. These two adorable love birds are so free and easy together and having a camera pointed in their direction has no effect on them! Really! Well, we didn’t catch any fish […]

Rachael & Justin | Nolde Forest State Park

Rachael & Justin This happy couple’s engagement session included a hiking trail, frog pond and more than a few butt grabs. We were in the state park where they enjoyed bringing their beloved dog, Cash before he crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Pets are family (even when they chew your Powerbeats but that’s another story) so we had to get in a photo or two in remembrance of Cash. Rachael started the session asking me, “You have to tell me what […]

Jennifer & Tyler | Jacobsburg & Skyview Farms

This engagement session had it all! A state park, a 1931 Model A Roadster, a 14.3 hand quarter horse named Paige, two catahoulas, a two amazingly cute people anxious to spend their lives together. When you ask the bride if she minds sitting on a damp moss covered log because it wound make a great photo and she replies, “dirt don’t hurt”, you know you have found the best kind of adventurous people to photograph.

Samantha & Steven | Ledges Hotel

Samantha & Steven showed me this amazing place a few months back and we decided that we needed to spend some time here and take advantage of this unique location. The temps were in the 50’s but some of the ice still persisted. Sam & Steve really had fun hanging out at one of their favorite spots and had it all to themselves with only one guest staying in the hotel during our visit. It couldn’t have been a better […]

Alisha & Rob | Trexler Nature Preserve | Engagement

Trexler Nature Preserve, Slatington PA, Alisha & Rob love all things country. Country music, boots, cowboy hats and open fields away from the hustle and bustle. Trexler Nature Preserve is an ideal place to get away from it all! Here are some moments from their session.