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Kayla & Treigh | Woodstone CC | Danielsville PA Wedding

Kayla & Treigh One of the things that photographers love more than anything is people whose facial expressions mirror their emotions in that exact moment. Kayla & Treigh are those folks! It is so exciting to see that. From the moment when Treigh sees Kayla walking down the aisle to Kayla’s laughter at Treigh’s jokes, all I could do is smile at how well they fit together. The one thing that I enjoy photographing the most is emotion. I mean […]

Kasey & Andrew | The Maltese Room Wedding

Kasey & Andrew It couldn’t have been a better way to start off October than with a celebration that included so many moments, tears, wild animals, the funniest entrances, and pint-sized wedding crashers! Kasey & Andrew are high school sweethearts and 10 years later here to publicly claim the vows they have been living all along. Two kids and all of their family in attendance to witness this amazing, and a little windy, Fall day! Check out some of my […]

Amanda & Luke | Stone Lake Inn Wedding

Amanda & Luke This adorable couple really exemplify the “Work hard, play harder” philosophy. Getting to know them through the process has been awesome. Due to their intense schedules we were only able to do the engagement session a month ago! Things seem to always work out the right way and that session was tons of fun! Fast forward to the wedding day and we got to see the ‘Play harder” part of that equation. It was a blast and […]

Samantha & Steven | Mohegan Sun Pocono Wedding

Samantha & Steven Where do I start? Meeting Samantha & Steven for the first time you are instantly drawn to the chemistry that they have together. It is so playful and fun and just like a typical ROM COM but for real! Yeah, you know the stuff that no one believes is real. Yup just like that. That chemistry was on full display during their engagement session as well. It is only fitting that they would have the perfect wedding […]

Jen & Tyler | Tall Timber Barn Wedding

Jen & Tyler “…true love is never blind, but rather brings an added light.” Jen and Tyler have known each other almost their entire lives. And somewhere inside they always knew this day would eventually happen. Having had the past year(almost) to get to know them it is hard to imagine a better fit for two people. Fun, relaxed, and in-love. When we got together for their engagement session we wound up hanging out for much longer than usual. It […]

Rachael & Justin | Double Tree Hotel Reading

Rachael & Justin Getting to know these two has been nothing but fun. When we got together for their engagement session I couldn’t believe that 4 hours had passed. Time certainly flies while having fun. They warned me up front that they didn’t quite like having their picture taken. After a few minutes though they seemed completely unaware of the camera relaxed and having fun. On the wedding day it was much of the same. They have the sweetest chemistry […]

Amber & Teo | Bear Creek Mountain Resort

Amber & Teo Every wedding is filled with moments and family and love. Certain people express their emotions directly and unfiltered right from the heart and soul and that was this day. I guess it was because ‘Pop’ was able to be there and more than anything else, this is what Amber and Teo wanted to make a special day perfect. Watching the adoration everybody has for Pop made it pretty hard for me at times to look through the […]

Carrie & Aaron | Allentown Brew Works

Carrie & Aaron Carrie & Aaron made it clear the first time that I met them that their wedding wasn’t going to fit the ‘norm.’ They were going to get ready for the day at home…together. That is certainly a break from the norm. I was a bit unsure how that would go but I quickly found out how much I enjoyed the laid back vibe everybody in the house had. Carrie casually put her makeup on while sipping mimosas […]

Tiara & Jesus | Riverview Country Club

What an amazing day to celebrate! Tiara and Jesus are incredibly cute together. Not just cute but romantic comedy cute, seriously. They laugh so easily together. They also laughed at the weather forecast that threatened to downpour at any moment while they had their first look and ceremony out in the elements. All those positive vibes being released into the universe convinced the rains to detour around Riverview that day and give mad props to this adorable pair!

Alyssa & Evan | Allentown Brew Works Wedding

These two adorable people are the super chill genuine people that you love to be around all of the time. Mimosas are great wedding day starter during the preparations for the day but the main course is definitely the craft beers that they enjoy so much. Having rocked the micro-brews in Florida and North Carolina, they came home to show the Allentown Brew Works how to celebrate a Pennsylvania wedding! Family, friends and good beer was on the menu for […]