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Christina & Chad | Northampton Wedding

Christina & Chad I have shot so many weddings that were very special to me. They were special for so many reasons. Each one with it’s own character (and characters). Fun, endearing, heartfelt and zany. This one was very special. Christina and Chad are incredibly kind and caring people and very easy to get to know. It is the quintessential ‘heart on our sleeves’ personalities that brings you right in. And once you’re there it’s like being family and old […]

MaKenna & Yassine | Moroccan American Wedding | Bear Creek Mountain

MaKenna & Yassine Bear Creek witnessed a wonderful blending of two cultures and two families. They saw two people joining their lives. They had an amazing time celebrating with family and friends and I was lucky enough to be there and capture it all. Here are some of my favorites from this special day. Thank you Devin (aka Raven, aka Fadma) for being there with me. #belikejeff

Rebecca & Brandon | Blue Event Center | Wedding

Rebecca & Brandon | Blue Event Center It was the biggest day of these two lovebirds lives and yet they were cool as cucumbers. Many people have some form of nerves or goosebumps but Rebecca seemed as if nothing was phasing her. I guess that’s what happens when you are so confident in what this day brings. They laugh. They dance (more Rebecca than Brandon.) They Love. They cherish. They make each other better. They inspire. And they commit. Here […]

Anna & Rob | Famularo’s Wedding | Cresco PA

Anna & Rob You’ll never find two people who enjoy each other more than these two. Always laughing and having fun and with that constant ‘look.’ Yeah, you know the one. It was a day of days filled with only the best emotions and it was a pleasure to witness. Wish we could do it again! Special thanks to Devin for shooting with me. Here are just some of my favorites!

Traci & Matt | Locust Lake

Traci & Matt Traci and Matt met years ago in Philadelphia and didn’t necessarily hit it off. But time and a move to the Poconos has a way of giving people new perspective. They reconnected and well, the rest is history. 2020 has given us all plenty to consider and it had done its best to derail so many plans. But these two weren’t having it! Determination and the belief in each other caused them to forge on and have […]

Chelsea & Peter | Blue Event Center Wedding

Chelsea & Peter | Blue Event Center At this point it doesn’t even have to be said how different 2020 has been for everybody. You will have a hard time finding someone who would be sad to never hear ‘unprecedented’ ever again! But This year has definitely taught us so much as well. We can do without so many of the things that we were occupied with; sports, concerts, movie theaters, etc. We have been able to strip away the […]

Kayla & Treigh | Woodstone CC | Danielsville PA Wedding

Kayla & Treigh One of the things that photographers love more than anything is people whose facial expressions mirror their emotions in that exact moment. Kayla & Treigh are those folks! It is so exciting to see that. From the moment when Treigh sees Kayla walking down the aisle to Kayla’s laughter at Treigh’s jokes, all I could do is smile at how well they fit together. The one thing that I enjoy photographing the most is emotion. I mean […]

Kasey & Andrew | The Maltese Room Wedding

Kasey & Andrew It couldn’t have been a better way to start off October than with a celebration that included so many moments, tears, wild animals, the funniest entrances, and pint-sized wedding crashers! Kasey & Andrew are high school sweethearts and 10 years later here to publicly claim the vows they have been living all along. Two kids and all of their family in attendance to witness this amazing, and a little windy, Fall day! Check out some of my […]