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Chelsea & Peter | Blue Event Center Wedding

Chelsea & Peter | Blue Event Center

At this point it doesn’t even have to be said how different 2020 has been for everybody. You will have a hard time finding someone who would be sad to never hear ‘unprecedented’ ever again! But This year has definitely taught us so much as well. We can do without so many of the things that we were occupied with; sports, concerts, movie theaters, etc.

We have been able to strip away the extravagant and break things down to what is really important and what we cannot live without. Enter ‘Micro-weddings!’ All that’s needed is two people who have decided to make that lifelong commitment to each other right here and now. You hear words like ‘intimate’ surrounding these smaller ceremonies and that is very accurate.

Chelsea and Peter still are having the big celebration next year but they wanted more than anything to keep their original wedding date. It could not have been better and boy do they have fun together. It was intimate and sweet and perfect. What an amazing weekend!

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