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Dave & Bridget | SU2C | Bethlehem

Dave & Bridget SU2C

Love, hope, strength and fun too. These are the most accurate adjectives for this February afternoon. Dave does a video diary to chronicle his fight against glioblastoma (brain cancer). These videos have been such a source of inspiration for me (and others) to help focus on the things and the people who matter most. We should never get too busy to enjoy the sun shining, children playing or people laughing. Dave has such an easy smile to match his warm and inviting personality. One of those infectious smiles that just makes everyone else smile. Yeah, like that.

Family photo sessions are always filled with love and fun. However, in challenging times, the hugs are a little tighter and the smiles a bit wider. The daily minutia seems to fade away into its proper place and the moment is seized and appreciated.

I walked away from this session inspired, touched and thankful. Any day that you meet great people is a good day. This was a very good day.

There are always wonderful things happening all around us and if we choose to see it then our lives will be so much fuller for it.

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