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Samantha & Steven | Mohegan Sun Pocono Wedding

Samantha & Steven

Where do I start? Meeting Samantha & Steven for the first time you are instantly drawn to the chemistry that they have together. It is so playful and fun and just like a typical ROM COM but for real! Yeah, you know the stuff that no one believes is real. Yup just like that. That chemistry was on full display during their engagement session as well. It is only fitting that they would have the perfect wedding day too. Ok it was a ‘little’ hot and that tempted the happy couple to forego the ‘Bride & Groom’ portraits and retreat to the cooler air conditioned climate indoors.

And since customer service is huge for me, I begged for 5 minutes! Admittedly I am biased toward photos for the memories that the provide and I didn’t want to miss this opportunity to snap some photos of them while they were still on the high of just getting married! Sam & Steven jumped in with both feet and embraced that 5 minutes (ok it might have been 7 or 8) and we got some awesome snaggs of them just being them.

See for yourself!

Thanks to the Beckster for riding shotgun!

Special thanks to Mohegan Sun for the incredible venue and service!

2 thoughts on Samantha & Steven | Mohegan Sun Pocono Wedding

  1. Amazing Ken! Always spot on ! You almost make me wish I had more kids to marry off! You went above and beyond for both of my kids! Can’t thank you enough!