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Siba & Chris | Jacobsburg | Whitehall | Engagement

Siba & Chris

Opposites definitely attract! While Chris has the gregarious wild personality, Siba is a bit more reserved but definitely completes the Yin and Yang that makes this a great couple. They are magnetic, present, together and in love. I could tell that they had completely forgotten that I was there one occasion while lost in their own world with no one else there. I couldn’t have been happier for that. I just recorded them naturally together. Boom! Selfishly though, I did get to hang out around an F-14! I must have seen Top Gun about 100 times when I was a kid so to say that it was exciting for me is an understatement. When they said, “There is this really cool plane that we like. Could we take pictures there?” The answer to that question is always “Yes!”

Here are some favorites from their session.

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