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Knowing that the person behind the business is more crucial today in establishing long lasting relationships than even 5 years ago as we continue to expand the boundaries of the 'virtual age'. The evidence has shown that consumers prefer to have their decision-making process occur prior to contacting a business for their products and services. Savvy executives in every business from car dealerships to investment banking realize that their virtual footprint is the front line for new business. It has become very common to see all businesses of all sizes use photos of their associates to establish connections with current and future clients.

In today’s social media rich economy, almost everyone is a member of at least one social media outlet or another, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are the most common for professionals at present. We can anticipate that number only increasing in the years to come.

The use of photo profiles has become as common as email addresses and professionals who deal with clients or shareholders in particular, need the right profile photos to help establish that all important first impression.

Using family photos or snapshots taken with a point-and-shoot camera may be acceptable for personal social media sites but for a professional profile not using the 'right' images could undermine efforts to connect to potential clients in need of your services.

Prospective clients want to deal with people, not companies.

Establishing the 'human connection' with the internet travelers searching for your products and services is (or should be) the primary goal of website profiles. First impressions occurring in the virtual world are commonplace and happen without our knowledge or interaction. More and more businesses are discovering the immense benefits of the virtual presence of their associates on their websites. Your headshot IS your first impression!

Potential customers are web savvy and want as much information as possible BEFORE they contact you. Studies have shown that more attention is given to the portrait and less on the textual information surrounding that photo. People expect the text to extol the high achievements and abilities of the person. This is indeed important information however, readers remain more focused on the individual.

Don't go the way of the dinosaur

Websites that do not incorporate this philosophy of virtual introductions receive lower traffic and higher bounce rates. When was that last time that you were on an HTML website? If you were to find yourself on one today, you would likely leave for another site. Viewing an HTML site would leave you recalling the days of the dial-up modem and speculating if that business is still in operation. Before long, the same will be true of sites who have undervalued the consumer who expects a more modern and personal virtual experience.

Knowing the person behind the business is so critical to establishing long lasting relationships. It is necessary for businesses of all sizes use professional portraits to establish connections with current and future clients. Headshots are everywhere. They are present on the websites of Fortune 500 companies and of small businesses alike.

Send the right message

A portrait needs to contain your personality. Your personality is what will attract and retain clients and you NEED to project that to your market. If your goal is to connect with those clients then a professional headshot is what you need. It is time to make your impression your first priority!