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"His light-heartedness and humor kept us feeling comfortable so he could get real emotion from us. Trust me, we have no photos that appear forced or unnatural! I truly have some amazing showpiece photos now that I will cherish forever!"

-Nicole & Brian T.

I am obsessed with photography and always have been. There are certain things in life that are well beyond a word's ability to describe. Photography is the perfect medium to communicate in imagery where the spoken language is unable. It tells the stories of the feelings that make our experiences so memorable.

Creative angles and dramatic lighting are amazing tools for the trade and I love to incorporate them throughout the day. However, the most important element of any wedding is emotion. The story of that emotion is told in moments. People laugh and people cry. They hug a little tighter and are more expressive than normal. They stare a little longer to say things with their eyes when the words are not good enough. There a subtle gestures of the hands and eyebrows and the lips. There are moments, lots of moments. I will capture all of these moments for you.

As for me, I am a wedding and portrait photographer, IPA appreciater (not a connoisseur by any stretch), former coffee addict (sometimes I relapse), and life long Philadelphia sports fan.

My wife and I are from Philadelphia but have made our home in the Lehigh Valley where we raise our son, Owen. Being a Dad has only reinforced for me the importance of family. Each new stage brings great new adventures and a renewed emphasis of how important it is to preserve the memories. It is amazing how fast time goes. I have also learned that personal space, quiet time and clean shirts are things of the past and I wouldn't have it any other way.

My clients are from Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey and of course the beautiful Lehigh Valley region and beyond. They are exciting and dynamic, fun-loving and dedicated to each other. They are amazing people who I am glad to know.

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